Attendance and Punctuality

(All attendance and punctuality is strictly monitored by the school & Newham)

Week ending 7/07/2017:

Class % Attendance Class % Attendance
Peach 96 Cherry 96
Beech 96 Pine 98
Olive 96 Palm 95
Aspen 97 Cedar 97
Sycamore 97 Willow 98
Chestnut 98 Hazelnut 98
Almond 97 Walnut 98
School overall attendance 97.5%


Congratulations to all Classes that scored 98% or more -Well Done for having great attendance!  Now let’s have more classes with 100% next week and keep our attendance and punctuality high right until the end of the year!

Lining Up Winners for week ending 07/07/2017:
KS1:Peach class REC KS1  KS2: Sycamore Yr 4/KS2 …Great!

  • House points : Gained by pupils in all houses across the school for observance of the school rules and displaying good attitudes, values and work ethics.
House Points Position
St. Bernadette 797 Fifth
St. Francis 1050 First
St. John Bosco 895 Third
St. Josephine 998 Second
St. Vincent 805 Fourth


  • Congratulations Children and Staff of St. FRANCIS house Champions this week.
  • Look at our newsletter archive to check on previous attendance, lining up and house point winners.
  • It was a wonderful day for all at the refurbished Atherton leisure centre, check out our twitter feed.