DRESS up Day – Book month

Is it a Bird? Is It an Airplane? Is it a CAT in a hat? What madness is this ? A Hatter in the Front office? It was Dress up day for Book Month – a welcomed non-uniform day was embraced by students and staff alike as Superman zoomed through the silence zone beside Alice in Wonderland, Red riding Hood, The Hulk and Robin Hood. The creativity  and dedication of the parents was on display. Staff teams dressed as detectives, Star Wars characters and Mad hatters, Oliver Twist (complete with a Bowl of oatmeal) and a Fairy Princess granting wishes of restful week end. Cruella Deville swanned in looking for more spotted pups but was stopped by Rouge one and Princess Leia. Yes,even Wally was to be found hiding in the melee of costumes. Not making any references to age or attitude Mrs Moore created Great cheers as Gangster Granny – her mischief of the day was handing out sweets in lessons, now that is the at to be a popular book character!

Sycamore class shared on the History of St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks to Ms. Surage and her team including the performing arts team for a well rehearsed Assembly especially to Ms. Shirley for the Irish dance choreography. 

The children and visiting parents were treated to a Parade of costumed Characters as Best Costumes were judged and popular songs permeated the air to encourage the catwalk performances.

Then it was back to reality as Classes wrote on Holy eek, completed writing poems in the style of various poets, rehearsed songs and parts for the Easter production and completed Times tables challenges.

David in Sycamore class said “It is really good to see all the Costumes I could just dance all day!”  Princess Fiona Shrek of Cedar Class said “It feels like I am in Far and away again with so many story book characters around me.”

Darth Vader was breathless with excitement as she looked over the new empire of characters!


W Spence.


Here are some pictures of the day’s events.