Nursery Nativity

The Nursery set the tone for our Nativity events when they staged their ‘Wriggly’ Nativity on Friday December 8. The children were dressed in wonderful creative costumes and delivered their lines so well. it was joy to watch their performance. the singing and dancing was stellar… the room was filled with ‘wriggly’ stars ,  sheep,  ‘wriggly’ cows , ‘Wriggling’ donkeys, ‘Wriggling’ chickens and  ‘Wriggling’ Angels.

Smiling parents sang along then enjoyed a nibble on finger foods as they chatted with the teachers and photographed their children. It was the culmination of combined efforts of the Nursery staff , Parents , Volunteer friends of the school and of course the children. Ms Carascosa and the team say a BIG thank you. 
Do enjoy the holidays and remember the purpose for the celebration – The Messiah’s arrival.

Enjoy our photo gallery.