Home/School Agreement for Pupils

To help me do well at school, I will do my best to:

  • Work hard, and listen carefully to all instructions
  • Talk at home about what I am learning at school each day
  • Ask the teacher or someone at home for help if I find my work hard
  • Read or discuss my home reading books with someone at home
  • Do all of my homework, including: written, reading & spelling
  • Take care of all books and other resources in my care
  • Not miss school, unless very unwell, and also  be on time daily
  • Wear full, correct  school uniform including PE kit to show I belong to this school community
  • Respect and allow other children to learn in peace without distractions or disturbances
  • Keep the school rules, behave well, and be polite and helpful to other pupils and teachers, classroom assistants, and all adults within the school community