Out of Hours Learning

The following Out of Hours Learning (OOHL) activities are conducted each week:

Day After School Club Teacher Location
Monday Chess Sycamore
Monday Dance KS2 Ms Verdant & Ms Robinson KS2 Hall
Monday Fencing Dave Library
Monday Gymnastics KS1 KS1 Hall
Monday Coding Club Mr Spence Mrs Oforiwa Hazelnut
Monday Boys Choir Mr Chan Aspen & Cedar
Monday Football KS1 Mr Dos Santos KS2 Playground
Tuesday Art EYFS Ms Shanti, Ms Maya Palm
Tuesday Art KS1 Ms Estepa Palm
Tuesday Fencing Dave Library
Tuesday French Ms Casimir Cedar
Tuesday Handball KS1 Mr Dos Santos KS2 Playground
Tuesday Handball KS2 Mr Khan KS2 Playground
Tuesday Netball Ms Charlemagne KS2 Playground
Tuesday Spanish KS2 Mr Gomez, Ms Maila, Ms Olalla Peach
Tuesday Sewing Ms Panesar Chestnut
Wednesday Athletics Ms Anderson, Ms Morgan KS2 Playground
Wednesday Art KS2 Ms Hetherington, Ms Shirley Sycamore
Wednesday Ukelele Club Ms Evans Aspen
Wednesday Volleyball Mr Dos Santos KS2 Playground
Wednesday Dance KS1 Ms Verdant & Ms Robinson KS2 Hall
Wednesday Choir EYFS Library Library
Wednesday Spanish KS1 Mr Gomez, Ms Maila, Ms Olalla Cherry
Wednesday Cooking Club Ms Rattan Cedar
Wednesday Brilliant Ms Olivia Ebony/Mahogony/Walnut
Wednesday Basketball Club Mr Khan KS2 Playground
Thursday Art & Animation Mrs Russo Chestnut
Thursday Choir Ms Heyman Willow
Thursday Karate Sensei Poon KS2 Hall
Thursday Maths KS1 Ms Diayankatia Hazelnut
Thursday Writing Club Ms Citalois Pine
Thursday Drama Ms Heyward, Ms Paul, Mr Gomez Aspen
Thursday Dance KS1 KS2 Hall
Thursday Building Library
Thursday Lego Club Palm
Thursday Gardening Ms Choudery Nursery
Thursday Cycling Mr Dos Santos KS2 Playground
Thursday Maths KS2 Mr Spence Hazelnut
Friday Leadership & Achievments Ms Elms Beech
Friday Football Girls KS2 Playground
Friday Gymnastics KS2 Ms McCarry KS1 Hall
Friday Cedar
Friday Mini Vini & Enterprise Ms Olivia Mahogony
Friday Year 5 Team Building Ms Hetherington, KS2 Hall
Friday Science Mr Spence Ms Morgan Mrs Sohail Olive
Friday Boys Football KS2 Mr Khan KS2 Playground
Mon-Fri Reading Club Lunch Time Club Ms Mirza Sycamore

Start dates for other clubs will be advised although this may not be until after half-term.

Our OOHL/PE team have tried to ensure places have been allocated fairly but please note that not every child will have got their first choice as most clubs have a quota for health and safety and management reasons. But clubs will run year on year so children will ultimately get a chance to be in a club of their first choice. All children, including year six pupils are asked to join at least two clubs as our aim is to make our pupils optimally rounded, balancing academic prowess with fully developing all their

“To be truly educated is to be multi-faceted