Science Week Assembly and Parent Workshop

Science week 2018 was launched with a stirring assembly lead by Mrs Seshie and members of the Science team.

The children were inspired to learn From Mrs. Verdant that dancers are scientists as they measure the use of their muscles to perform such graceful movements.

Mr Curran explained that Programming and Networking computers also enlist scientific processes.

Mr Khan Bounced along with much kinetic energy and wowed with his demonstration of aero dynamics and conservation of momentum. Every child now wants to bounce two balls to make them go higher.

Mrs Wiere expounded on the science skills hidden in History and Geography as bones and artifacts are dated for authenticity and patterns are observed and measurements are made and analysed to fit to together stories and trends from the past and the present.

Mr Spence caused a real whoosh with his fire demonstration after insisting that the children not try this at home. 

Ms. Rattan shared on the chemical reactions involved in making our food so delicious and how knowing the SCIENCE of diets and nutrition makes cooking a scientific activity.

The Parents’ workshop advised on the curriculum used in the school and how each parent can encourage their children in the discovery and application of scientific processes.The workshop also gave the parents the opportunity to explore the making of electronic circuits as well as reversible reaction experiments

The parents remarked that the session was eye opening. The team were also told that the workshop activities were very fun and interesting.

On Thursday The projects were presented and judged. The projects were judged by the science team and inners announced at the assembly on Friday morning. Thank you to the parents who assisted their children to produce such inspired pieces. Congratulations to the Children were awarded prizes and certificates.

The science fair was held in the Main hall on Friday afternoon, many projects were on display. Each class has a pupil  explaining the displays and answering questions.  

W Spence

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