Staff Panto – Goldilocks

The Fun loving and creative Staff team combined our skills in prop making, music mixing and comedy writing to create the block buster sensation Goldilocks finally gets the idea.

The children shouted and applauded from start to finish, lines were forgotten, timings were incorrect but the message was delivered- staff can perform too and performed we did. Mrs Locks Goldi’s Mom will never be forgotten for her pleading in court? Who was that forthright Judge? what did the Bears do for Christmas? Who were those women of The Jury ? The police squad? and will the members of the memorable mischief ‘CREW’ live down ‘Primannny’ certainly you would not want that conscience twin on your shoulder all day! It is confirmed that Lawyer Brown and Mr Yard stick rushed to Gatwick to avoid being locked up for their selfish ways. Well done Ms Heyman and the other members of the team.