On Wednesday March 21st , 2018, the Signing Assembly at St Antony’s Catholic Primary was especially melodious as the children celebrated a well-earned recognition. The regular Wednesday morning assembly was graced by Cllr Rev Cannon Ann Easter of Newham Council (and Chaplain to the Queen), The visit was on behalf of the Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales who has recognised the school’s achievement of being listed among the top 10 primary schools in the country. We were presented with a crystal plaque to recognise this precedence for a Newham school. Rev Cannon Easter encouraged the children to be proud of who they are and always strive to be the best version of themselves. She further advised them not to compare themselves to others but try to improve daily on the actions of the previous day.
She also encouraged the elated pupils and staff to be proud of being part of the Best Borough in the world – Newham. She thanked the children and staff for the best welcome she has received from any school (and she has visited many) and advised us to keep on being number one in all aspects of our lives. The children performed the school song – The United Colours Of St Antony’s (TUCOSA) and were especially expressive with the line… “we are here to sharpen our minds… not just sharpen pencil.”
Our Head teacher Mrs Angela Moore and our Deputy Chair of Governors Pietro Chiesa accepted the award on behalf of the Staff, Students and Governors. Mrs Moore Responded by saying: “ we will accept the charge and challenge to be the very best we can be as a school; always challenging stereotypes and pushing the boundaries as we develop our skills and talents both as individuals and as a school community”. Today top ten; tomorrow ….we’ll become truly limitless!