Year 2 Nativity – Born in a Barn

Our Year 2 students were eager to share their unique presentation of the Nativity story they were in extra early and impatiently waiting for the audience to arrive. Yes it was unique, it was told from the viewpoint of the animals. A quiet and humble donkey, a very loud rooster, sneaky mice and one very proud cat as well as sheep, camels and cows. Born in a Barn reminded us of the reason for Christmas celebrations as God gave the Best and first Gift so that we can have hope for a life free from sin.

The children delivered their lines beautifully sang like angelic choirs and acted like Oscar and BAFTA winners. they proved that they  were worthy winners of the BHM performance poetry competition. We look forward to more performances from this talented year 2 group. Thank you to Mrs Seshie, Mrs McDonald and the rest of the teaching team who prepared the children for this performance. Thank you to the children who delivered their lines, songs and dance routines so well. Thank you to the parents who attended to support our efforts. Thank you to the performing arts duo of Mrs. Verdant and Master Chan who arranged the music as well as choreographed some of the performance to such a professional level.
Do share some of our moments in this picture gallery