SEND – Learning Support

The Inclusion Team at St. Antony’s Catholic Primary provides support for pupils who for one reason or another are having difficulty accessing the curriculum.
The Inclusion Team consists of:
3 full time teachers

  • SENCO/ Inclusion Manager
  • SEN teacher
  • School therapist
  • 9 Higher level teaching assistants
  • Over 20 teaching assistants and volunteers

The TAs provide support in lessons for pupils having difficulties accessing the curriculum.
Learning support teachers teach and monitor the progress of pupils on the Code of Practice.
SEN teacher is qualified to assess and provide individualised programs for pupils with more severe literacy difficulties such as dyslexia. She is also able to assess pupils at the end of each key stage for extra support in exams.
SEND Team organises and teaches small groups of pupils who require extra input bring them up to the level of their peers.

We have strong links with secondary feeder schools to make the transition into secondary school easier for pupils who will find this particularly difficult.

Some people who are dyslexic or had learning difficulties at school:
Richard Bronson
Albert Einstein
Whoopi Goldberg
Jamie Oliver

These are few among many others, who have gone on to become very successful people.

Teachers and teachers ‘Assistants provide a variety of individual, small group and in class support for the pupils on the SEND Register.

Additionally, the school is able to provide highly specialised support for pupils who have been identified as having specific literacy difficulties. Pupils requiring this specialised support are withdrawn from class on a rolling timetable to maximise the pupils’ access to the curriculum. They follow a variety of multi-sensory programmes, which target literacy, numeracy and study skills.